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Hip-Hop. Dance Hall. Afrobeats. Twerk. Heel and Chair Dance. H.I.I.T. Strength Training.

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Hip Hop Cardio Series 3
Hip Hop Cardio Series 3

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Find your sass in our dance cardio classes. 20 minute non-stop cardio sessions to all of your favorite hip-hop, dancehall, and afrobeats songs. Take one session or multiple to slay your cardio each week. Once you perfect the movements you can burn more calories by putting more energy and doing the movements bigger!
8 Videos
Welcome to the Twerk L.A.B. (Legs, Arms/Abs,Booty) a composition of twerk and booty dance steps mixed with strength training exercises in a H.I.I.T-like format. Each lab will focus on toning a target area: legs, arms, abs, or the peach!
6 Videos
In our Stretch Room you will learn basic stretch flows to help improve your flexibility. These sessions are great for cool downs after your cardio sessions.
1 Video
HeelWERK is a sexy stiletto fusion class that combines toning, chair dance, and choreography. The class is a fun way to build confidence, improve dance technique, and build muscle in glutes, legs, and abs.
Beginners can perform exercises without heels first until movement, balance, and alignment are perfected.
2 Videos
Let's break booty building down to a science! With the Organic Peach Project you will build your perfect and toned booty naturally through strength training exercises. Persistency and consistency are key in training and maintaining your peach. Stick with us and we'll help you keep it ripe ;)
2 Videos
TWERK Library houses all of the technique and drill based videos to give you foundational steps to perfect your twerk game. The library will also have twerk choreography as an opportunity to put your technique to werk!
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